The 10 Most Asked Questions About Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach

In the last two decades or so, this resort has grown significantly in terms of the demand, the tourist flow and thus – the infrastructurw and the quality of the service. It is beyond any doubt that in Bulgaria Sunny Beach is the leading seaside destination and the place pools more and more people every year. What would ask those who have never been on the Black Sea – let us guess about it.

  1. Cheap or expensive to stay in?

Definitely, cheap. And only more affordable than the Western Europe resorts – it turns out to be the MOST affordable destination with an international recognition and with visitors coming from all around the world. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria has been officially proclaimed as the best-valued resort in the survey published by the Post Office last year. One of the key factors for such evaluation are the low prices for accommodation which are hard to beat anywhere on the Balkans (except by other Bulgarian resorts). The Sunny Beach hotels welcome everyone who consider a budget-oriented vacation. With prices starting below 200 GBP for the self-catering bookings and around 350 GBP per person for a week for 3-star all-inclusive it is easy to explain why the Black Sea resort increases its fame year after year.


  1. Hot or cold?

It is hot anyway you think of it – the temperatures are high, the demand is high, the enternainment is there all the time during the summer. The Sunny Beach weather is usually great in late July and for the biggest part of August so this is why the crowds flood the place in the high season. The average temperatures in the middle of the summer mark a level above 25 degrees and at noon it becomes really hot so don’t forget to hide under the parasol and to use a sun protection.


  1. Is there a place on the beach?

Even if the Sunny Beach 2018 demand continued the rising line of the last decade, the place has always been welcoming to the guest to throw their towel on the sand otr to crush on the sunbed. With a combined length of 8 km the beach strip provides with enough space for everyone who have chosen to book the Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays. Often cited as a drawback is the fact that the travelers need to pay for the sunbed and the parasol (about 6-7 Euro for the day) without receiving any compliment at all. For example, in Greece you buy a cup of coffee or some other beverage which costs at least 4-5 Euro and the place is yours from early in the morning till it’s almost dark. Some Sunny Beach hotels anyway have their reserved areas on or near the beach and the sunbed goes with the booking but ask for it.


  1. Is it a crowded place?

Yes, it is. That shouldn’t surprise since the accommodation occurs to pool more and more tourists every summer. The streets are full of people in the hottest week of the year and so are the restaurants, the pubs, the aqua parks. So Sunny Beach 2018 might not be the most suitable pick for those who wish to have a quiet vacation.


  1. Can I go there for the party?

That must be a joke. Oh, you really haven’t heard that the leading Bulgarian seaside resort gained notoriety (both positive and negative) for being an increasingly popular option for a summer feast. Called the „Eastern Europe Ibiza“ by British and other Western travelers, in Bulgaria Sunny Beach is also famous for being a party destination. The prominent Cacao Beach gathers the crowd from all around the continent with the variety of discos and bars there and a plenty of globally recognized electronic artist made their gigs there in the past decade.


  1. Is it appropriate for a family trip?

It might be noisy sometimes during the night but the local authority make attempts to put some restrictions the terms of loudness. So the ongoing party shouldn’t bother the parents who book Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays with their children. The kids would probably love the place – not only the beach is great, but there are also several aqua parks operating in the resort where mama, papa and the offrspring can spend a couple of hours (or a couple of days?) full of joy and fun.


  1. Is it easily accessible?

Situatated in the center of seaside zone of Bulgaria, Sunny Beach stands only a half-hour away from the nearest international airport. Lots of planes land in Bourgas during the summer and a great number of deals are linked with the flights from and back to the UK. The transfer between the airport and the resort is usually fast and flawless.


  1. Can I travel around?

In Bulgaria, Sunny Beach is actually situated in a region that provides the traveler with a great variety of places to visit. Less than ten minutes away from the main resort a western tourist would find the beautiful town of Nessebar. The biggest city in the region – Bourgas, also worth the trip and the walk around the seaside garden. The Balkan mountains also stand tall in the near vicinity of the most famous Bulgarian seaside resort.


  1. Is it safe?

Yes, when it comes to the foreign visitors in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach usually is a well-secured zone. Well, where the party goes all night, accidents happen every once in a while. If look for it in the news, you will find articles about fights on the streets around the bars but these things happen everywhere when people drink more than they can handle. But generally speaking the resort should be considered safe enough.


  1. Should I book now?

If you still have not make up your mind for a Sunny Beach 2018 vacation, better hurry up because the summer is well underway. Sure, the Sunny Beach weather might be favorable even around mid-September but don’t think so much if the Black Sea is on your agenda for the holidays this year.


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