Why People Love Slovenia’s skiing season

slovenia ski and snowboard holidays 2018

While it might be a not as popular choice as its neighbors Italy or Austria when it comes to winter sports activity, this small country easily wins the hearts of travelers who decide to visit the land. Set somewhere in between the Balkan Peninsula and the Alps, the former Yugoslav republic becomes a favorite of more and more people every year. Slovenia skiing season is one of the main reason for the growing popularity of this territory as a tourist destination, but it’s definitely not the only reason.

An excellent option for a budget vacation

ski and snowboard deals by balkan holidays 2018
Balkan Holidays can offer BEST deals for Ski and Snowboard holidays in Slovenia

Among the Alpine countries, this one is undoubtedly the most affordable. When you look for a cheaper area for the winter holidays, Slovenia skiing stays on top in comparison to nearby Austria or Italy. Doing research among the resorts in other places in the Alps, Germany, Switzerland, or France will hardly show up with price results for ski Slovenia can offer to the tourists. Ski and snowboard deals are available in the website of Balkan Holidays. It would not be an overstatement to say that in terms of money paid for the service Slovenia ski holidays appear to be in the Goldilocks zone.

It is possible to book a stay for a week for about 600 GBP (or even less) per person in the best winter recreation destinations in the country. Even if the Julian Alps are not as famous as the Tyrol region, for example, the area does not stay behind concerning the quality of the service which weighs lighter on the budget. But it’s not all about the money speaking of Slovenia skiing adventure. The cost is great but the other ingredients of the snowy months’ vacation turn to be even greater.


Slovenia mountains will charm you for a lifetime

slovenia vrata valley
Vrata Valley | Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

No words can describe the gorgeousness of nature in the country. The postcards images will give you only a glimpse of what it is to step on the shore of the beautiful Lake Bled or see the dazzling view from the hills around Lake Bohinj. Being a fantastic year-round choice concerning the trips to the natural highlights of the land, in the colder part of the calendar, you would instead choose to ski Slovenia slopes than to visit the famous Postojna cave, for example.

The Julian Alps might not be the highest section of the range, but that doesn’t mean that the winter is mild. The weather condition might be harsh for those who visit the region unprepared or ill-equipped. If you are on Slovenia ski holidays, get yourself warm clothes and ask where to find the boots and the ski that will suit you.

If you want to learn ski, Slovenia is the place for you

With more than 30 zones for winter sports Slovenia skiing options make much shorter list compared to what a skier or a snowboarder would find in Austria or Switzerland. And the experienced snowy athletes might find the slopes of the Julian Alps to easy and somewhat dull considering some more extreme action. But for absolute beginners picking Slovenia mountains stand out as a place to try the sports for a start. The tracks are favorable for first-timers at the Vogel zone or even at World Cup complex like Kranjska Gora. Steep Black pistes are actually rare in the country which is why the pro-skiers have enough of it after two or three visits. But the rookies will receive an exquisite reception and tuition of high quality during the time of their first steps on the skis or the board.

Lake Bled Slovenia has top deals for winter holidays and ski
Lake Bled, Slovenia is stunning every season

Another reason to love Slovenia ski holidays is the fact that if you choose the proper deal, the lift pass covers all the resorts in the map of the country. The main resorts are situated close one to another – if you book a room at the magnificent Lake Bled, you can enjoy not only the ski zone in the nearest vicinity to the village, but you can reach the notorious Kranjska Gora for less than an hour. Shuttle buses drive between the leading winter sports focal points on a regular basis every day.a

Besides the easiness of the slopes some skiers find monotonous after several rides, there other drawbacks here and there – like the old lifts at some of the less developed ski zones. But it’s nothing too bad to ruin your Slovenia skiing experience. After all, the country is either (or neither) Western European and Eastern European. While the manners and the service have the quality of the West, the prices are closer to what you will find going further to the East. Best of both ski worlds might sound a bit of a cliché, but it’s true regarding the Slovenia ski holidays.

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