[Secret revealed] Very cheap ski holidays to Bulgaria

very cheap holidays in europe - bulgaria

It might be a little too much to say it was a well-kept secret – over the past decade Bulgaria skiing gained continuously growing fame as the primary option for budget winter vacations.

Thousands of western travelers have already visited the country in the months of snow and know that the Balkan destinations are much more affordable compared to the vast majority of ski resorts in the Alps. But when Mr. X or Ms. Y sees the deals available several weeks before the start of the season, he or she can’t help but say: “Shush! Don’t let anyone know about this! Not before we book it!”

With prices for the accommodation starting as low as 259 GBP per person for a whole week who wouldn’t want to be among the first to reserve a suit in Bansko or Borovets? The good news is that there are plenty of very cheap bargains available with the early booking. But the secret is revealed and is soon to become viral. So the sensational Bulgaria ski holidays cost might be gone if you wait too much thinking that no one has learned about it. And even then it will be still a lot cheaper than anywhere in Western Europe.


Is it necessary to find a budget destination for the winter?

Apartments Belvedere Holiday Club
Apartments Belvedere Holiday Club

It might not be that important in case you have no problem to spend a sum of money in the 4-digit zone for yourself and allow splashing 4000-5000 British Pounds (respectively Euro) for one week for a couple or a family. But only 5 to 10 percent of people usually going on winter holidays can afford such an expense without paying or saving for it several months. Bulgaria skiing holidays will feel much lighter on the wallet (or the credit card) and stand as an option even for the working class, not only for highly paid company managers and team leaders.

The price of the accommodation provided by Balkan Holidays marks only one row in the table of expenses for the winter vacation. The other rows consist of flight tickets, equipment hire (or transportation – if you don’t own boots, ski, and the other stuff, it costs a lot to buy it new and with good quality), lift passes, daily expenditure. Skiing in Bulgaria will give you the opportunity to minimize the number in the first row which will inevitably affect the whole budget.

Are Bulgaria ski holidays really the most affordable?

Detailed research of cheap ski holidays 2018 have for the last months of the year might show up some deals in countries like Romania, or Slovenia that can be competitive in the low price comparison. And still, overall Bulgaria skiing vacation provide the most affordable choices with a high value. The weather and the conditions in the top resorts for snowboarding and skiing in Bulgaria mix up for an outstanding combination which is hard to find in Europe.

bansko ski is the most affordable resort
Bansko is a well known destinations for the Brits

Here is a quick example. Bansko resort led the ranks of the budget winter destinations for 7 years in a row, but in the list of cheap ski holidays 2018 edition lost the top position. The Pirin Mountain town still has all the features for a fantastic snowy vacation. The season is long enough (3 to 4,5 months), the altitude of the ski zone starting from 1000 m at the base station of the lift and reaching up to nearly 2400 m serves as a promise that there will be white cover during winter. Even if the snowfall is scarce, hundreds of cannons will provide the “powder” when the average temperature is below zero. Indeed, Bulgaria skiing complexes have no such total length of trails like some of the most prominent Swiss or Austrian destinations where there is more than 300 km of runs in one resort. But with more than 70 km of Alpine pistes in Bansko and nearly 100 km summed length for Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing in Borovets the country beats other budget-oriented areas in Eastern Europe.

Are Bulgaria skiing destinations easy to reach?

Offers from Balkan Holidays - brouchueThe accessibility is one thing, and the distance for the transfer is a different part of the story. The top 3 winter resorts in the country – Bansko, Pamporovo, and Borovets, have well developed (but still improving) infrastructure. The roads leading to these favorite areas for tourists have been built long ago and in the recent years become busier because of the increase of the local and foreign guests. Considering the time you need to reach your main zone for skiing in Bulgaria, it’s Borovets that will take the shorter time to be reached from Sofia. The capital airport operates the highest number of flights year-round, and in the winter this is the usual choice when you look for a plane to make the connection between Great Britain and Bulgaria. The oldest winter resort in the state is located just about 70 km away.

The case of Bansko is a bit more complicated. The most famous destination for Bulgaria ski holidays in the past decade stands about 160 km away from Sofia. The longest part of the road is a highway, so in a day with low or moderate traffic it is possible to reach the Pirin Mountain footsteps for little more than two hours. But in the winter the drive might also take more than three hours in the high season when more people – and cars, head that way.

Pamporovo climbed up significantly in the search for cheap ski holidays 2018 early month showed in the charts. The Rhodopes-based resort is the sunniest place to spend the winter vacation in Bulgaria, but the bright sky doesn’t make the snow melt fast. Anyway, reaching this destination from Sofia airport takes the longest. Pamporovo is situated roughly 230 km away from the state’s capital, and the transfer will last three hours at best. Are there other airports to book a flight to? Plovdiv is just one hour away from the central Rhodopes zone for skiing in Bulgaria (a part of the mountain spread south of the border in Greece), but the regular flight can be counted on fingers. Well, there are more charter planes in the winter but the cost to book a seat, in this case, is substantially higher which might compromise the idea to have budget Bulgaria skiing vacation. With Balkan Holidays the transfer from the airport (primary Sofia) to the resort is free of charge (included in the price), and the deal can always be accommodated to cheaper flights.

The lift pass must be pricey

bansko ski lift pass for season 2018No, it’s not if you book in advance cheap ski holidays 2018 last month vacancies. The lift costs roughly 25 GBP for a single day (the price differs depending on the resort), but it does not make sense to buy tickets day to day when you embark on Bulgaria ski holidays. Assuming that you will stay for a week, then it makes sense to pre-book the full-pack offered by Balkan Holidays that will take not more than 188 GBP in the high season. And the deal includes not only the lift pass but also the equipment hire and the ski lesson in the case you need some tuition.

One might say that you can use one card in every resort which is possible in Slovenia, for example. Well, this might be considered a drawback for the moment but let’s take a look at the details. Even if it’s not a big country, Bulgaria is much larger compared to Slovenia (and also to Austria or Switzerland), and it takes more time for the transportation from one winter zone to another. In Slovenia, the most famous places like Kranjska Gora, Bled, Bohinj (Vogel) stand 30-40 km from one to the other. Bulgaria skiing top destinations spread on a much larger territory.

Eat & drink & going out – what about it?

traditional bulgarian meals in the winter resorts
Traditional Bulgarian Food – Banski Starets

This topic should be your last concern if you are about to come for skiing in Bulgaria. The prices for the daily expense in the country might make eyes pop in a good way. It’s not about looking for the cheap snacks at the supermarket – you can do that at home. Eating in a restaurant with a bottle of wine for a couple (or two pints of beer per person, it depends how you like it) will take a surprisingly low amount of cash out of your pocket. Three-course menu with the drinks will hardly make it over 40 GBP in most of the taverns in Bansko or Pamporovo. 40 GBP for the couple, not per person! So now your eyes pop out, right?

The nightlife is another highlight of the Bulgaria ski holidays. There might be an argument which resort – Bansko or Borovets, has the better après-ski. You can find several bars and discos working till late after midnight at both places, so in the end, it’s a matter of personal preferences. Pamporovo is considered a bit quieter in that sense, but it also means that it might be more suitable for family cheap ski holidays 2018-2019 season is offering. Bulgaria skiing vacation is full of choices, and these choices will not cost you a fortune.

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