An ultimate guide to Nessebar, Bulgaria 2018

Having fun on the beach is best thing to do in the summer!

Combining beach enjoyment and historic object visit represents the main agenda of thousands of travelers for the summer holidays. While far from the popularity of Italian or Greek resorts and not as famous as Cascais in Portugal or Dubrovnik in Croatia, in Bulgaria Nessebar is the top choice of such category. The hype of modernity meets the romantic scent of ancient to form a unique mix for a great vacation on the Black Sea coast.

When two sides make up for one wonderful experience

the mill in Nessebar is a top tourist attraction

The town is divided literally in two. That part of Nessebar, Bulgaria that was built and developed more recently is bigger in size and population and actually this is where you can find both beach zones and the vast majority of hotels – the best deals are to be found through Balkan Holidays . A narrow strip of land connects the modern borough with the old town which was habited for more than 3 millennia and has been deservedly chosen to make the list of UNESCO World Heritage. And some hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria are situated in the ancient quarter – 3-star Victoria, for example, constructed to fit within the whole architectural landscape of that part of the town.

The guidance provided by the current article cannot go further without mentioning the airport you need to book your flight to. Reserve a seat on a plane to Bourgas, the biggest city in the southern part of the Bulgarian coastline and only half-hour away from the Nesebar beach. A flight to Sofia or Varna is not that good idea because the transfer from the airfield to the resort will take much longer.


Half-board will cost less. Think twice about it

Burgas is so near to Nessebar and if you book a flight, make sure it is to BOJ airport

It all depends on your daily routine and the time you spend in and around the hotel. Booking a half-board deal like some of 3-stars Nessebar hotels like The Mill or Flora hotel or 4-star accommodation Marieta Palace or Hotel Mirage make sense if you wish to travel more during your holidays. Have a breakfast after getting up and you are good to go – and there is a lot of places to go. You can find nice restaurants for a lunch in the old town to take a break during your walk in this section of Nessebar, Bulgaria. Or you may wish to try an excursion somewhere near the resort – on the coastline and even in the mountain. Stara Planina (Balkan is the old name of that range and it gave the name of the whole region) is within reach with less than an hour of drive.


Anyway, considering budget-oriented Nessebar holidays will lead toward an all-inclusive deal. Yep, the price of the reservation is a bit higher than the half-board scenario but except for the breakfast, the food is granted to you for lunch and for dinner. In the search of package holidays among the hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria emerges options such as the 4-star Hotel Aqua Paradise Resort or even the highest category provided by the class of Sol Nessebar Palace. The price of a week-long vacation in that type of accommodation ranges between 350 GBP and 550 GBP depending on the level of the house. Have in mind that all-inclusive bargains are available for the most of the list if the reservation is made for no less than 3 persons.


Two towns, two beaches

girl sitting on the beach of nessebar

But none to be found in the historic quarter. The old town is located on a tiny rocky peninsula deep in the sea and the shore there isn’t suitable for sunbathing and swimming. Both beaches are located in the modern part of Nessebar, Bulgaria, respectively north and south of the way to the ancient area. The Nessebar beach is longer in the southern section, many who have already been on vacation in the resort are aware of that and prefer to head this way. No wonder then this strip is more crowded during the high season. But booking some of best hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria might go with a sunbed and a parasol – ask for such option. Renting it without being linked to a certain reservation costs around 6-8 GBP per day.


Wonder what’s the perfect time to choose for Nessebar holidays? Some would say that late-June or early-July is the hidden favorite since the weather is hot enough and the water is warm too. Most of the tourists anyway prefer the highest season – the second half of July and the first half of August. If your summer break is planned for this period, better book up-front in Bulgaria – Nessebar occurs to be an increasingly popular choice year after year. The season is long enough – even late-May might turned out to be a hit and reservation in mid-September usually will not put you in cold water.


The old town was mentioned several times to this point – what’s so special about it? The unique local architecture, the charm of the cobbled streets, the remains of the medieval fortress, the churches – active and former, more than 40 to be counted in the quarter. A brief description would only give a vague idea of the magic – in Bulgaria Nessebar happens to be among the places that have preserved successfully the spirit of the old ages. The charisma of the rich history can be really sensed only if you take a walk around those narrow streets of cobbled stone.


The multifaceted appearance of Nessebar, Bulgaria perhaps isn’t something that everyone is familiar with. That small town will provide you with all of the necessary ingredients that will make up for a wonderful summer vacation – neat and cheap accommodation in Nessebar hotels, good food and great beaches to be explored. The extra flavor coming with the scent of the antiquity and early Christian era will bring you to even higher level of enjoyment and overall satisfaction. Booking Nessebar holidays with the most trusted tour operator in the region – Balkan Holidays, is a safe bet for a great summer break.

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