From Eurovision 2018 to summer holiday in Bulgaria


Despite being not present in the list of the countries that have winners in the Eurovision, Bulgarian performers enjoy substantial success in the recent years. Last year a young singer from the country – Kristian Kostov, reached to the runner-up position and ranked really close to the top of the most prominent continental song contest. The 4th place of Poly Genova, one of the most recognized faces in Bulgarian pop music have to be added to the list of the achievements. Well, Eurovision 2018 wasn’t a big deal and the group representing the country didn’t make it to the top 10. But this year speaking of Bulgaria Sunny Beach is the name to make it more famous around the world. The leading seaside resort on the Black Sea definitely has a bigger chance to become a common name for Western Europe compared to the singing band called Equinox.

The Balkan Ibiza


Such comparison was made by the British party travelers who happen to be familiar with the heat and the hype of the notorious Balearic beach. Undoubtedly, in Bulgaria Sunny Beach is the place recognized as a destination to bash on the sand more than any other on the Black Sea coastline. The increasingly distinguished Cacao Beach hosted shows and parties by world-famed DJs and electronic music artists such as David Guetta, Tiesto, etc. Sunny Beach 2018 promise to deliver another hot season for the guests in terms of having fun and it doesn’t have to be linked with the tour of an international star.


On the other side of the hype and buzz coin, you might find written the following sentence – Too much noise. Surely, for those who look for a party and consider the option to book Bulgaria holidays, Sunny Beach probably wouldn’t evoke any reason for complaint. The overall loudness of the resort was an issued admitted by the local authorities and the promise was granted for that matter that any type of nightlife activity wouldn’t bother the people who would like to rest quietly during the hours of darkness.


The best valued seaside village


You haven’t heard about that, did you? Check for the results of the survey conducted by Post Office in 2017 to make sure it’s not a matter of imagination. Sunny Beach hotels indeed provide the most affordable accommodation and it’s on display in the list of choices provided by the tour agency that bears the highest level of repute in the region. Where else can you find a room to stay in for 200 GBP per person for a whole week? Not in France or Italy, for sure, Spain and Portugal would cost more too.


Of all cheap summer destinations in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach occurs to be the one with the best offers and the widest spectrum of available picks. The all-inclusive type of reservation is recommended for a family vacation since it is the ultimate optimization of the budget if there are restrictions in the fund for the summer spending. For those who prefer to lavish in luxury, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays have something in return too.


So being it for the party on the beach or for the beach only, all you need to do is to book a suit in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach and prepare your luggage. Wait, don’t forget that the airport you have to buy a ticket to is Bourgas. This city is only a half-hour away from the top seaside resort of the country. Sofia and Varna airports operate a big number of flights too but stand a lot further from the beach known as the Balkan Ibiza.

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