See why you must visit the country of Bulgaria!

flights to bulgaria with balkan holidaysIt wouldn’t take long to convince you if it already happened in your life before. Hardly would anyone forget easily the time of taking on holidays to Bulgaria. It might not be as fancy as going on vacation to St. Tropez or represent such a distinct destination as the pyramids of Egypt. But visiting the country located in the heart of the Balkans is something worth trying… And repeating.

The most affordable summer and/or winter vacation

Even if you deny admitting it, most of you spend hours and days to calculate the expenses during the summer break or the ski holidays. Well, you shouldn’t be precise about the budget frame here because you will fit it with ease. Thanks to Balkan Holidays 2018 deals  you will find the opportunity to spend a whole week on the Black Sea on the price of a weekend trip from Sheffield to London and back. It might cost even less than that! Because of the cheap holidays Bulgaria, in fact, gained substantial prominence in the last two decades. And if you haven’t been on a trip there before, maybe it is not too late to book a room till the end of the year.

Choosing the exact type of accommodation depends on how you imagine your daily routine would look like. If your plans for activity are concentrated around one certain resort like Albena or Sunny Beach, then going on package holidays to Bulgaria might be the most suitable choice. On the other hand, there is much to be seen around in the country so it worth to think about a real trip around. This will certainly make you remember your holidays to Bulgaria for a lifetime!

What do you prefer – the sea or the mountain?

holidays to bulgaria, rila mountainThere is no need to exclude any of these options since there is a real chance to enjoy both in the country. Considering Balkan holidays, Bulgaria represents one of the best picks to share your vacation between the beach and the hiking on the hills. The Black Sea washes the footsteps of two ranges – yes, only two out of almost 40 on the territory of the state. The easternmost part of Stara Planina, or the Balkan Mountains, stretches to the shores near Sunny Beach and St. Vlas from the southern side so residing in one of these resorts will provide with an easy decision if you wish to spend some time hiking or tracking, or just walking around.

The other mountain range is called Strandzha and is located at the southeastern corner of the country near small towns like Tzarevo and Ahtopol. It is not high at all and can be perceived more as a hilly forest rather than a mountain but it’s still beautiful. Don’t hesitate to go there for a day or two even if you are on package holidays to Bulgaria. Every other mountain in the country that worth the visit is to be found on the western section of the map. You will not regret spending several days in Rila, Pirin, and Rhodopes in August or September. These ranges host some of the best ski resorts in Eastern Europe, but speaking of Balkan Holidays, Bulgaria welcomes visitors there 12 months of the year.

Do you love exploring history? Bulgaria will blow your mind

This is not an overstatement. The country is officially ranked third in Europe after Greece and Italy counting the number of historical objects and artifacts found on its territory. The legacy of the Thracian people and their kingdoms is spread all over the land. Among the most prominent sites stands out the Kazanlak tomb but there are numerous objects of the necropolis type in the valley of the Thracian rulers near the ancient city of Seuthopolis located south of the Balkan mountain.

nessebar bulgaria holidaysCombining the beach vacation with the visit of such historical places is also a great option. For this agenda, you can check at Balkan Holidays Bulgaria section for the most suitable deals . Nessebar is the name to stand out undoubtedly as the only UNESCO World Heritage site on the Black Sea in Bulgaria. The Old Town of Sozopol is a charming quarter too. On the north, probably the palace in Balchik is the most prominent object but not linked with the Antiquity – it has been built by the order of the Romanian queen less than a century ago.

But you should move away from the sea to visit some of the most interesting areas of ancient remains. The increasingly popular Perperikon, sometimes compared to the famous Knossos located on the island of Crete, stands high on the hill near the town of Kardzhali. The capital of Medieval Second Kingdom of Bulgaria was set in Veliko Tarnovo and the reconstructed Tzarecetz royal palace and fortress is among the favorite sites to visit in the country by local and foreign tourists. The Rila Monastery found in 10th century stands as another kind of historical place worth to be seen and it’s still active.

Include city tours in your schedule

Because of the cheap holidays, Bulgaria makes it obtainable for everyone to visit more than one place during the vacation. Having trips around some of the biggest cities in the country can be combined easily with a longer stay on the beach or in a mountain resort. Sofia is a busy and noisy at times but exploring the capital during the day and during the night is something you need to go through if you plan to get in and around the most populous city in the state. Going for package holidays to Bulgaria to enjoy the Black Sea grants the opportunity to spend a day in Varna or Bourgas, depending if you book a room in the northern part of the country’s coastline or the northern. At least two more cities located away from the beach worth the visit – Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo which has been mentioned already.

One thing is for sure – going for holidays to Bulgaria only for a week is not enough to see it all. But let’s start with this and you will find your reason to return.

The 10 Most Asked Questions About Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach

In the last two decades or so, this resort has grown significantly in terms of the demand, the tourist flow and thus – the infrastructurw and the quality of the service. It is beyond any doubt that in Bulgaria Sunny Beach is the leading seaside destination and the place pools more and more people every year. What would ask those who have never been on the Black Sea – let us guess about it.

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Where Do the British Spend their Summer Holidays in 2018

Let us guess about it. The British tourists will prefer to pack up for a place where the weather is nice to avoid the rainy days in the UK that never end even in the middle of the year. The beauties of nature will definitely add to the list of reason to pick one place or another. The Brits will certainly look for the opportunities that turn out to be more affordable so the all-inclusive holidays will probably fit the most such a concept. And everyone regardless of origin or domicile would like to have a good time during the summer vacation. Well, some consider the “good time” as the possibility to rest undisturbed for a week or two while for others relaxing all the time sounds boring. It depends who you ask but one thing is for sure – every traveler likes to feel safe heading for a distant trip.

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From Eurovision 2018 to summer holiday in Bulgaria

Despite being not present in the list of the countries that have winners in the Eurovision, Bulgarian performers enjoy substantial success in the recent years. Last year a young singer from the country – Kristian Kostov, reached to the runner-up position and ranked really close to the top of the most prominent continental song contest. The 4th place of Poly Genova, one of the most recognized faces in Bulgarian pop music have to be added to the list of the achievements. Well, Eurovision 2018 wasn’t a big deal and the group representing the country didn’t make it to the top 10. But this year speaking of Bulgaria Sunny Beach is the name to make it more famous around the world. The leading seaside resort on the Black Sea definitely has a bigger chance to become a common name for Western Europe compared to the singing band called Equinox.

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An ultimate guide to Nessebar, Bulgaria 2018

Combining beach enjoyment and historic object visit represents the main agenda of thousands of travelers for the summer holidays. While far from the popularity of Italian or Greek resorts and not as famous as Cascais in Portugal or Dubrovnik in Croatia, in Bulgaria Nessebar is the top choice of such category. The hype of modernity meets the romantic scent of ancient to form a unique mix for a great vacation on the Black Sea coast.

When two sides make up for one wonderful experience

the mill in Nessebar is a top tourist attraction

The town is divided literally in two. That part of Nessebar, Bulgaria that was built and developed more recently is bigger in size and population and actually this is where you can find both beach zones and the vast majority of hotels – the best deals are to be found through Balkan Holidays . A narrow strip of land connects the modern borough with the old town which was habited for more than 3 millennia and has been deservedly chosen to make the list of UNESCO World Heritage. And some hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria are situated in the ancient quarter – 3-star Victoria, for example, constructed to fit within the whole architectural landscape of that part of the town.

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13 reasons why you should visit Golden Sands, Bulgaria in 2018 [updated]

Once you will put your feet on the beach, you will realize that the name speaks for itself indeed. In the name of the Golden Sands Bulgaria has more than half-century-long tradition more likely than the history to pull the people on the shore is… the shore.


1. The sands made of gold

golden sands bulgaria

One of the most beautiful beaches on the whole Black Sea coastline is to be found less than a half-hour away from Varna, the biggest Bulgarian maritime city. The dazzling view serves only as a starter once you reach the area. Have we mentioned that Golden Sands really have sands looking and feeling like being made of gold? Oh, we did it, several times actually. Smooth and nice, 3,5 km long and about 100 m wide at its widest, in Bulgaria Golden Sands is considered a top quality resort. But the fame of Zlatni Pyasatsi (the native alias of the place) isn’t only locally bound – for a long time it was preferred destination for tourists from Russia and other Eastern European countries, and the turn of the centuries made it increasingly attractive to tens of thousands of guests from the West, especially British tourists.

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