Where Do the British Spend their Summer Holidays in 2018


Let us guess about it. The British tourists will prefer to pack up for a place where the weather is nice to avoid the rainy days in the UK that never end even in the middle of the year. The beauties of nature will definitely add to the list of reason to pick one place or another. The Brits will certainly look for the opportunities that turn out to be more affordable so the all-inclusive holidays will probably fit the most such a concept. And everyone regardless of origin or domicile would like to have a good time during the summer vacation. Well, some consider the “good time” as the possibility to rest undisturbed for a week or two while for others relaxing all the time sounds boring. It depends who you ask but one thing is for sure – every traveler likes to feel safe heading for a distant trip.

So where would the UK tourist find the best match of wishes?


It wouldn’t be easy to point out a single place or a region that stands out beyond any doubt on the top of all other options. Ibiza is fun and attracts the party people of Europe but the things go wild sometimes beyond the realms of predictability. The French Riviera is gorgeous and expensive at the same time. There is a huge chance to pick a royal holiday around the countless number of Greek islands but the most popular choices are booked for months in front and the all-inclusive deals are gone if you are not quick enough.


Probably the most underestimated region in whole Europe is named The Balkans – Greece and Turkey are excluded from the group, even if geographically present on the map of Balkan Peninsula. Let’s take a look to the north of these two countries where we can find some of the greatest summer destinations an average British fellow have never heard of. Checking the Balkan Holidays all-inclusive options might make many people think: “How could I miss this before?”


Don’t underrate the average Brits however


Tens of thousands visit the dazzling shores of Croatia every July. Even more are those who prefer to go for all-inclusive holidays to Bulgaria. These countries, as well as Montenegro or Macedonia (or whatever they call it after the ongoing conflict about the name with the Greek government), might look like being located on the other corner of Europe compared to Great Britain – it’s a fact, indeed, but reaching to The Balkans would take not more than two hours on the plane. You just need to make sure the transfer after the flight is convenient. Fly to Zagreb, or Split, or Rijeka if Croatia is your pick for the all-inclusive holidays. Montenegro has only a few airports operating international flights so have it mind if the choice falls on the beautiful town of Budva. Sofia is the biggest air transport hub in the country but going for all-inclusive holidays to Bulgaria means the British traveler will rather likely pick a plane to Varna or Burgas since both cities are situated on the Black Sea.


Hardly would any region on the continent beat The Balkans in terms of affordability. There are diverse opportunities there too – the accommodation in Bulgaria is definitely cheaper than the stay in the Croatian or Montenegrin seaside resorts. Actually, there are all-inclusive deals on the eastern coast of the peninsula available for as low as 350 GBP per person for a whole week.


“We know it’s cheap but is it safe?”


The old books would make the Western traveler consider The Balkans as the ticking bomb of Europe. Yes, there are numerous examples of violent times on the map of the region but it is all in the history now – let’s hope for good. Croatia was turned to a war zone in the early 90s of the last century but ever since the country is secure and the accidents concerning the foreign visitors are rare.


No conflict has occurred on the territory of Bulgaria for more than seven decades so the country should be undoubtedly considered safe for the British people. Many of them are aware of that since Sunny Beach or Golden Sands became favorite destinations for the travelers from Western Europe, including those from the cloudy British islands. As a matter of fact, there were some concerns recently about the “Balkan Ibiza”- Sunny Beach, where the crowd goes wild and it is a little noisier in the heat of the season. But the serious accidents do not happen often even there. And especially for the tourists who are about to choose from the Balkan Holidays all-inclusive list, it is highly unlikely to experience any significant inconvenience of that kind.

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