Bansko remains the leading ski holidays site in Bulgaria

Bansko Holidays

In Bulgaria, Bansko has been a place to generate a lot of buzz in the past decade. Well, recently the name of the Pirin mountain based resort was put in the middle of a controversy concerning the ongoing feud about the construction of a second gondola lift in the ski zone. While the conflict is hot in the country, the winter sports site is hot too because of the unfading demand for Bansko holidays. Sometimes it’s busy indeed on the base station and no one likes to wait for hours to get on the cabin.

But besides the controversy, it is quite clear in last few years that regarding Bansko Bulgaria ski resort hasn’t been so popular than ever before. A big share of the Pirin winter center prominence is owed to the fact that it claimed the top of the rankings of the cheapest ski destinations in Europe. The ski holidays Bansko offer to the tourists still represent some of the most affordable even now when the first place in the table belongs to another resort.

The Golden Ratio of money paid to enjoy the winter

Being cheap isn’t always the best thing to be advertised about. But offering a good value for significantly lower prices compared to the equivalent sites in the West is probably the main reason for the increasing notoriety of the Bansko ski zone. A German magazine with expertize in the winter sports enjoyment has calculated that the daily expense in the Pirin resort sums on average to less than 100 Euro – lift pass, equipment hire, accommodation, foods, and beverages included. The cost of the card for a day amounts to less than 30 Euro and substantial discounts are to be found with the reservation for a longer period, especially when going for a family vacation. You can find more about the Bansko holidays options.

Banderishka Polyana represents the focal point of the whole ski zone and it is within reach for only 20 minutes on the Gondola from the town. Except for the main cabin lift that really happens to be crowded in times when the resort is largely booked, several chairlifts and drag lifts operate in the area to get the skiers and boarders to all the places available for a ride. The highest point of the Bansko ski zone occurs to be located just beneath the Todorka Peak (2746 m above the sea level) and this is where the exquisite 16 km long and uninterrupted skin run starts to reach all the way down. The displacement is impressing – overtaking that challenge one would experience an alteration of the altitude by almost 1600 m!

The World Cup fame of Bansko ski area

In the total length of the Alpine types pistes, Bansko ski resort totally beats traditional venues like the Slovenian World Cup pride Kranjska Gora for example. Well, Bulgaria only recently started to gain recognition as a land to host a competition of the best Alpine skiers or snowboarders. And an acclaim such as this was entirely deserved by the Pirin mountain resort. The most notable piste of the whole complex is named after the legendary Italian slalom champion Alberto Tomba. His compatriot Kristian Ghedina was the special star of Bansko ski season opening for the 2017-2018 campaign and the World Cup holder Marc Girardelli happens to be a regular guest at the events in the top Bulgarian winter center.

The Alpine kind runs sum up to 70 km – plenty of distance to cover for a downhill or a slalom. Add another almost 10 km of tracks for cross-country skiing. Even when the weather turns to surprise unpleasantly the freeze lovers with the lack of natural cover, snow canons come to the rescue and the machines cover more than 80 percent of the trails. In that case, the altitude of the runs is high enough to provide with negative Celsius numbers.

Experts claim that for ski Bansko is best suited for intermediate athletes. Alberto Tomba piste is marked being the hardest Black type but most of the runs are Red or Blue. While not excluded from the map, the Green color of the absolute rookies happens to be less represented at least in terms of length. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn skiing in Bansko.

Enroll your kids at the Junior Ski Club

Going for Bansko holidays with the whole family, parents can enjoy the ride without worrying about their offspring. A special Junior Ski Club operates in the ski zone. Pre-booked full ski packs for mummy and daddy, for example, add a free place for one child in the age span 4-7 for tuition and fun in the club for six days. Youngsters aged 7-11 have to chance to enroll at the ski schools free of charge for the same period.

Free storage of equipment for skiing and snowboarding is on the table when the Bansko holidays are booked in advance. If you don’t have your it own, don’t bother too much because there are plenty of options to hire ski, boards, boots, etc.

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