Bansko 2019 – favourite winter holiday destination!

Bansko Ski Resort At Night

Tucked away in the heart of Pirin Mountains, Bansko is a unique gem with captivating nature, snowy slopes and charming architecture. With its modern facilities, versatile runs, cosy and lively atmosphere, the town ranks among the best resorts in Eastern Europe. If value for money is what you are after, then Bansko ski resort will definitely live up to your expectations. You can find package holidays, lift passes and equipment hire half the price or less compared to the expensive Alpine resorts and you can still receive satisfying level of service.

Getting There


Bansko is approximately two hours away from the capital Sofia. You have several options to get to the town from the airport – rent a car, use the public bus services from the central bus station in Sofia or book pre-arranged transfers. You can also travel to Bansko from Plovdiv, but you will need to plan for longer trip (around 3-4 hours).


There is a hub with apartments, hotels and shops in a ski-in/ski‑out location by the gondola station. The town below the village resort offers a sheer variety of accommodation options. You can find four and five stars hotels with wellness area including a large pool, hot tub, sauna, steam bath and gym or pick less luxurious, but much cheap guest houses.

Winter Sports

Winter Sports in Bansko

In the last few years Bansko has been completely modernized with a smart  lift system, and a hands-free pass system. The resort’s slopesstretch across two mountains that can be accessed through a state-of-art gondola, 14 lifts including a six‑persons chair and four quads. The eight-seat gondola ferries go up to the main mountain Bunderishka from the top end of town. A blue piste with floodlighting and snowmaking leads back to town. From Bunderishka, you can reach the north-facing slopes at the highest point of the area through the two successive fast quads chairs.  There are few nursery slopes near the mid-station of the gondola. The runs are well-maintained and usually quiet. Given that the snow conditions are good, there are plenty of challenging pistes suitable for both beginners and experts.

On the other hand, snowboarders can enjoy the first on the Balkans Fun Park.  The place allows to snowboard over artificial bumps and jumps or to customize the layout. In addition skiers and snowboarders can boast their skills on the half-pipe situated near the Bansko’s famous snow towers.

Eat &Drink

Eating and drinking in BanskoWith the development of the resort town, the utalitarina cafes and small shops give place to trendy restaurants, boutiques and wine bars. Hide away from the chilly weather and the roaring wind inside one of Bansko’s many “mehanas”. These typical Bulgarian taverns will welcome you with a warm blaze in an open fireplace and the traditional Bulgarian hospitality. Don’t be surprised if there is live music to add up to the cheer. While there, don’t miss the opportunity to try local cuisine dishes such as “Banski starets” and ”Kapama.”

The prices are generally low, making it a fun place for wild après. The lively night life has gained Bansko the reputation of a party town. Go out for a drink at the Lions Pub or The Happy End at the base station of the gondola. The most popular night clubs in town are No Name and Amnesia. You can pick from a wide selection of bars, live music and piano bars such as the Torino that is usually attended by weekenders from Sofia. If you fancy a quieter night out, you can go to the Bowling arena in hotel Strazhite.

Off the Slopes

To experience the most of Bulgarian sights and nature, visit one of the most popular tourist locations – the Rila Ministry. The area around Bansko is notable for its mineral waters, making the region an attractive all-seasons SPA destination. Trips to Greece can also be arranged because of the close proximity to the border. Those who prefer to stay in-town can explore the local landmarks and museums.  Have a glimpse at the Bulgarian heritage properties and visit the richly painted 18th-centrury mansion – the Velayn’s house. Behind the thick stone walls of St. Trinity Church lies an astounding interior with multicolour marvel and beautiful frescoes. Most of the popular locations are situated close to each other, making it easier for the tourists to see as much as possible while enjoying the town.

Local Insight

Bansko - view from above

Bansko has a relaxed and colourful vibe that makes it popular among the tourists.  The town is an extraordinary blend of old traditions and contemporary style. You can take a walk around the cobbled streets and beautiful historic stone buildings in the town centre. The unique ethnographic houses listed as a World Heritage Site give Bansko a distinctive and picturesque look.


Bansko may be a small town, but you can dig out some interesting gems. Explore the old centre for traditional items and local souvenirs  for your family and friends  back home. You can also buy less expensive ski and snowboarding equipment, jackets and pant from the local stores. However, beware of any fake/imitation brands with non decent quality.

The Nitty-Gritty

  • Winter season starts in mid December and usually lasts to the mid April with regular snow downfalls.
  • Bansko has a unique 16 km uninterrupted run starting from Todorka Peak (the highest point in the area), with various pistes on the way down to the base station of the gondola.
  • Keep in mind that during the peak season, Bansko can be quite crowded, which means busier pistes and longer queues at the gondola. It’s best to avoid the period between Christmas and February.
  • Aside from skiing and snowboarding, you can also try paragliding, ice skating snow-mobiles, skidoos and snow trekking. Want to relax after a long day at the piste? You can unwind in a natural thermal bath.

Winter 2018 – great offers for Pamporovo, Bulgaria

Some of the best deals are already taken, but as the official kick-off of the campaign approaches, there are still excellent offers available at Pamporovo ski resort. The discount for the “early birds” reserving a suite or an apartment in the most prominent resort of Rhodopes Mountain, reached up to 15 percent. Most of the budget listings were booked, yet the affordable options are present if searching for vacant rooms through the Balkan Holidays service. Checking the most trusted tour operator in the region occurs to be the safe bet, no matter when you start the search for your hotel around Pamporovo ski map. The sooner you do this – the higher is the chance to save money.

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[Secret revealed] Very cheap ski holidays to Bulgaria

It might be a little too much to say it was a well-kept secret – over the past decade Bulgaria skiing gained continuously growing fame as the primary option for budget winter vacations.

Thousands of western travelers have already visited the country in the months of snow and know that the Balkan destinations are much more affordable compared to the vast majority of ski resorts in the Alps. But when Mr. X or Ms. Y sees the deals available several weeks before the start of the season, he or she can’t help but say: “Shush! Don’t let anyone know about this! Not before we book it!”

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Why People Love Slovenia’s skiing season

While it might be a not as popular choice as its neighbors Italy or Austria when it comes to winter sports activity, this small country easily wins the hearts of travelers who decide to visit the land. Set somewhere in between the Balkan Peninsula and the Alps, the former Yugoslav republic becomes a favorite of more and more people every year. Slovenia skiing season is one of the main reason for the growing popularity of this territory as a tourist destination, but it’s definitely not the only reason.

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See why you must visit the country of Bulgaria!

flights to bulgaria with balkan holidaysIt wouldn’t take long to convince you if it already happened in your life before. Hardly would anyone forget easily the time of taking on holidays to Bulgaria. It might not be as fancy as going on vacation to St. Tropez or represent such a distinct destination as the pyramids of Egypt. But visiting the country located in the heart of the Balkans is something worth trying… And repeating.

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The 10 Most Asked Questions About Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach

In the last two decades or so, this resort has grown significantly in terms of the demand, the tourist flow and thus – the infrastructurw and the quality of the service. It is beyond any doubt that in Bulgaria Sunny Beach is the leading seaside destination and the place pools more and more people every year. What would ask those who have never been on the Black Sea – let us guess about it.

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Where Do the British Spend their Summer Holidays in 2018

Let us guess about it. The British tourists will prefer to pack up for a place where the weather is nice to avoid the rainy days in the UK that never end even in the middle of the year. The beauties of nature will definitely add to the list of reason to pick one place or another. The Brits will certainly look for the opportunities that turn out to be more affordable so the all-inclusive holidays will probably fit the most such a concept. And everyone regardless of origin or domicile would like to have a good time during the summer vacation. Well, some consider the “good time” as the possibility to rest undisturbed for a week or two while for others relaxing all the time sounds boring. It depends who you ask but one thing is for sure – every traveler likes to feel safe heading for a distant trip.

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From Eurovision 2018 to summer holiday in Bulgaria

Despite being not present in the list of the countries that have winners in the Eurovision, Bulgarian performers enjoy substantial success in the recent years. Last year a young singer from the country – Kristian Kostov, reached to the runner-up position and ranked really close to the top of the most prominent continental song contest. The 4th place of Poly Genova, one of the most recognized faces in Bulgarian pop music have to be added to the list of the achievements. Well, Eurovision 2018 wasn’t a big deal and the group representing the country didn’t make it to the top 10. But this year speaking of Bulgaria Sunny Beach is the name to make it more famous around the world. The leading seaside resort on the Black Sea definitely has a bigger chance to become a common name for Western Europe compared to the singing band called Equinox.

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An ultimate guide to Nessebar, Bulgaria 2018

Combining beach enjoyment and historic object visit represents the main agenda of thousands of travelers for the summer holidays. While far from the popularity of Italian or Greek resorts and not as famous as Cascais in Portugal or Dubrovnik in Croatia, in Bulgaria Nessebar is the top choice of such category. The hype of modernity meets the romantic scent of ancient to form a unique mix for a great vacation on the Black Sea coast.

When two sides make up for one wonderful experience

the mill in Nessebar is a top tourist attraction

The town is divided literally in two. That part of Nessebar, Bulgaria that was built and developed more recently is bigger in size and population and actually this is where you can find both beach zones and the vast majority of hotels – the best deals are to be found through Balkan Holidays . A narrow strip of land connects the modern borough with the old town which was habited for more than 3 millennia and has been deservedly chosen to make the list of UNESCO World Heritage. And some hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria are situated in the ancient quarter – 3-star Victoria, for example, constructed to fit within the whole architectural landscape of that part of the town.

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13 reasons why you should visit Golden Sands, Bulgaria in 2018 [updated]

Once you will put your feet on the beach, you will realize that the name speaks for itself indeed. In the name of the Golden Sands Bulgaria has more than half-century-long tradition more likely than the history to pull the people on the shore is… the shore.


1. The sands made of gold

golden sands bulgaria

One of the most beautiful beaches on the whole Black Sea coastline is to be found less than a half-hour away from Varna, the biggest Bulgarian maritime city. The dazzling view serves only as a starter once you reach the area. Have we mentioned that Golden Sands really have sands looking and feeling like being made of gold? Oh, we did it, several times actually. Smooth and nice, 3,5 km long and about 100 m wide at its widest, in Bulgaria Golden Sands is considered a top quality resort. But the fame of Zlatni Pyasatsi (the native alias of the place) isn’t only locally bound – for a long time it was preferred destination for tourists from Russia and other Eastern European countries, and the turn of the centuries made it increasingly attractive to tens of thousands of guests from the West, especially British tourists.

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