13 reasons why you should visit Golden Sands, Bulgaria in 2018 [updated]

Once you will put your feet on the beach, you will realize that the name speaks for itself indeed. In the name of the Golden Sands Bulgaria has more than half-century-long tradition more likely than the history to pull the people on the shore is… the shore.


1. The sands made of gold

golden sands bulgaria

One of the most beautiful beaches on the whole Black Sea coastline is to be found less than a half-hour away from Varna, the biggest Bulgarian maritime city. The dazzling view serves only as a starter once you reach the area. Have we mentioned that Golden Sands really have sands looking and feeling like being made of gold? Oh, we did it, several times actually. Smooth and nice, 3,5 km long and about 100 m wide at its widest, in Bulgaria Golden Sands is considered a top quality resort. But the fame of Zlatni Pyasatsi (the native alias of the place) isn’t only locally bound – for a long time it was preferred destination for tourists from Russia and other Eastern European countries, and the turn of the centuries made it increasingly attractive to tens of thousands of guests from the West, especially British tourists.

2. A golden chance to save on a nice vacation


The Balkans open the box with much more affordable choices for the summer break. And even if Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays are said to be more expensive than other seashore resorts in the country, the whole pack would be a lot cheaper for any Brit comparing it to Ibiza or Chia, for example. Maybe not that luxurious like the fancy Balearic resorts but not far from the quality. Maybe not that romantic in the Italian sense but still gorgeous. And not that hard on your wallet and your bank account. Even the suitably named Hotel Admiral wouldn’t cost more than 500 GBP for a week to one person and in this range are the prices of the 5-star choices in Zlatni Pyasatsi. Of course, booking Golden Sands holiday may worth substantially lower amount of money and here is where you can find the best deals for the summer.


3. A perfect weather for a quarter of the year


Being located on the northern Bulgarian coastline, you might hear voices telling that it is colder in the region. Well, while the season is really shorter than in Sunny Beach or Sozopol, in Bulgaria Golden Sands is still among the places to welcome the beach lovers with great conditions for at least three months and longer if the weather gives you a smile. The average July and August temperatures reach out to about 23-24 degrees but in the middle of the day, the Celsius scale might show 30 or even 35. So booking a suite Golden Sands, Bulgaria hotels anytime between late-May up to mid-September will give a great chance for a wonderful vacation.


4. A warm sea and no high waves

What has been said about the weather, relates to the quality and warmth of the salty water next to the beach. The temperature on the Western Black Sea coastline reaches highest levels in July and August, in the figures regarding the Golden Sands beach Bulgaria has somewhat of the average picture. Above 20 degrees in June and early September, up to 24-25 in the middle of the season – perfect for relaxation and fun. The safe zone where everyone’s allowed in a good weather and a green flag is about 20 meters or more in the water. But always pay attention to the cautions of bottom drops because such occur here and there on limited strips of the beach. In a case of strong wind and high waves, which occur rarely in that shore, in Bulgaria Golden Sands hotels for the majority provide enclosed pools to the guests.


5. A day full of in the sea and on the land


There is no reason to feel bored at Golden Sands, Bulgaria except when the weather pushes you to stay in the hotel all day long. But as been said already – that’s largely unlikely to happen. The good time on the beach isn’t limited only to swimming and sunbathing. Scuba diving, windsurfing and riding the banana boat add to the list of activities available on the water. Plenty of places to enjoy your Golden Sands holiday wait for you on the solid ground, being it the go-kart racing or the off-road challenge. A quick walk will be enough to stumble on about half-dozen ways to have a great time – from the old-fashioned rollercoasters to modern zones of entertainment.


6. The traditional local cuisine vs. the world food


What you eat is as essential as where you sleep during the summer vacation. Some people prefer to stick with the food they’ve been used too in their own country. Other love to taste the local meal and flavors. Choosing the holidays to Golden Sands Bulgaria promise to give you both types of options. Bulgarian dishes blend mix from different Balkan originated specialties and have borrowed a lot of recipes from Turkish, Greek or Serbian cooks. Like most of the all-inclusive types in Bulgaria Golden Sands hotels will offer a standard list of meals available everywhere and search for something more specific will lead you to some of the best restaurants in the area. A three-course meal would hardly exceed 10 or 15 GBP per person at Zlatni Pyasatsi.


7.The pub-crawling is always an option

Early to bed, early to the beach… but some would prefer to organize their daily routine or rather likely – to improvise on it. Even if not as wild and loud as Sunny Beach is in the heat of the season, in Bulgaria Golden Sands is among the resorts to offer an impressive spectrum of choices for the nightlife. At least two dozens of clubs of places work till nearly dawn – it’s up to your preference if you wish to refresh outside on some of the many open bars or jump in the loud atmosphere of the disco clubs spread around the beach area.

What’s been said in the previous paragraph about the great choices for a night hype regarding Golden Sands, Bulgaria shouldn’t build the image of a jungle with recklessly behaving people jamming and shouting on the streets all night. The party zones are active till dawn but do not mess around with the guests preferring the firm sleep during their summer vacation.


8. The North is calmer


The northern side of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, of course. Those who prefer the southern passion might even consider going for holidays to Golden Sands, Bulgaria as a boring alternative. But for everyone else who needs a relaxation during that week on and around the beach, Zlatni Pyasatsi represents one particularly great option. One night out at the bars and the next going to sleep after dinner – both are possible. Definitely not a place for old people – Golden Sands Beach is open to all kind of tourists. Those who love the party have the discos, and those like to relax will not be disturbed.


9. Family type all-inclusive deals

Family vacation in Golden Sands Bulgaria

In this sense the holidays to Golden Sands, Bulgaria present great choices for the summer break of the parents and children. The family type of vacation is often restricted by the budget limitations and Balkan Holidays can offer some of the cheapest options to reside on the beach for a group of 3 or 4 people. Have in mind that the best offers apply to 4 adults so it will be good to combine with another friendly family to save more and spend a wonderful time together.


10. A favorite for conventions and team-building meetings

Being a renowned summer resort for the last six decades, most of that time in Bulgaria Golden Sands also bears the fame of hosting numerous congresses and meetings of professional organizations. The hotels in the area happen to be reserved for that reason all the time and actually in a wider period starting from the first days of the spring and going to the end of the autumn.


11. The resort is surrounded by a great park

Actually, the first area to be known as Zlatni Pyasatsi was the park enclosing the beach. 75th anniversary after the beautiful forests lying steps away from the sea was proclaimed as a special territory – Natural Park, that has to be preserved in its original condition. In Bulgaria Golden Sands turned to be the name of a seaside resort a decade later, in the 50s of the 20th century. Nowadays both areas exist in great symbiosis and a walk in the shades of the park on a hot day can be a wonderful alternative to spend a nice time during your holiday. 9 km long and little more than a kilometer wide, the park goes up more than 200 m above the sea level so climbing on the height will open a great scenery of the beach and the sea in front of you.


12. Varna is the biggest Bulgarian seaside city


And is about 20 minutes away from the resort. Actually, booking your Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays, you will land on the Varna airport. But visiting the city itself is another story. The beaches there might not be as great as those of Zlatni Pyasatsi but the seaside garden is nice for a walk and the city itself has an atmosphere and places to be seen. The cathedral is the spot to know in the center of Varna, there are several museums welcoming the guests. But undoubtedly a favorite for decades now is the city’s Dolphinarium where grown-ups and their children can enjoy the tricks and the games of the dolphins and even take a picture with some of these amazing water mammals.


13. And there is much more to see around

Bulgaria's cape Kaliakra near Varna and Golden Sands
Cape Kaliakra

A monastery of Aladja, for example, is located just outside the area of the Golden Sands main area. The town of Balchik stands only half an hour away from the resort and it worth the visit. A gorgeous botanic garden and a palace built for the Romanian queen back in the 1920s (the region fell under Romanian rule for more than two decades in the last century) will charm the visitors. Cape Kaliakra and Kamen Bryag (Rocky Shore) occur to be favorite venues for campers because of the wonderful landscape. These places, however, will take about an hour ride to the north to be reached.


Booking for holidays to Golden Sands, Bulgaria is worth to do. The sea is great but there is much more to the place than the fine sands and the warm water. But reading stories and articles wouldn’t convince you as much as spending a week or more on the beach of one of the best Bulgarian seaside resorts.

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